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Art of Scaffold

Previously known as ACE scaffold

We have a specialist scaffold unit that can deliver a bespoke service no matter what the challenge, environment or the Great British weather!


We can provide short or long term scaffold to meet your project needs with as minimal disruption to your home as possible.


Speciality Work

The beauty of our diverse architecture can sometimes present challenges when it comes to scaffold. From Grade listed buildings to challenging foundations to name but a few. Let us take some of the pressure from you and talk to us first to find a solution.

Tower Scaff.JPG

Shrink Wrap

The UK is not known for beautiful year round weather. We work with many solutions including 'shrink wrap' to weather proof your work so that you don't have to stop because the rain hasn't.

Pedestrians are kept safe from falling d


We have extensive experience managing scaffold across commercial projects and will work with you to put together the most cost effective timetable of needs.

Building Construction


For all you boat lovers that need a temporary place to store or carry out maintenance look no further. We provide a cost effective solution to ensuring you can look after your boat all year round.

Scaffolding in a shipyard.jpg
Domestic Scaffold
Commercial Scaffold
Shrink Wrap
Spciality Work
Art of Scaffold
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